Code of Ethics

January 23, 2013 mercadmin

ValuesMercato’s employees, associates and partners shall behave ethically in all aspects of our business.

A commitment to ethical professional practice includes overarching principles that express our values, and standards that guide our conduct.


Our overarching ethical principles include: Honesty, Fairness, Objectivity, and Responsibility that guides our conduct through Competence, Confidentiality, Integrity and Credibility.

Mercato’s employees, associates and partners shall act in accordance with these principles and shall encourage others within their organizations to adhere to them.


Each person has a responsibility to:

  • Maintain an appropriate level of professional expertise by continually developing knowledge, skills and cultural understanding.
  • Perform professional duties in accordance with relevant laws, regulations, technical standards and cultural understanding.
  • Recognize and communicate professional limitations or other constraints that would preclude responsible judgment or successful performance of an activity.


Each person has a responsibility to:

  • Keep information confidential except when disclosure is authorized or legally required.
  • Inform all relevant parties regarding appropriate use of confidential information. Monitor subordinates’ activities to ensure compliance.
  • Refrain from using confidential information for unethical or illegal advantage.


Each person has a responsibility to:

  • Mitigate actual conflicts of interest and regularly communicate with business associates to avoid apparent conflicts of interest. Advise all parties of any potential conflicts.
  • Refrain from engaging in any conduct that would prejudice carrying out duties ethically.
  • Abstain from engaging in or supporting any activity that might discredit the profession of education and professional services.


Each person has a responsibility to:

  • Communicate information fairly and objectively.
  • Disclose all relevant information that could reasonably be expected to influence an intended user’s understanding of reports, curriculum, analyses, or recommendations.
  • Disclose delays or deficiencies in information, timeliness, processing, or internal controls in conformance with organization policy and/or applicable law.


Each person has a responsibility to:

  • Undertake our operations, services and research with proper regard for the safety, health and welfare of workers and the public and for the protection of the environment.
  • Undertake our operations, services and research in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and policies of local, provincial and federal jurisdictions.
  • Ensure devotion to Service, Sustainability and Protection of the Environment.
  • Endeavour to further public understanding of environmental impacts and its place in society.
  • Actively participate in and contribute to the development of our communities and the markets in which we participate.
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